New AUM ENGR 132 Kit

AUM ENGR 132 Kit


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KWD 30.000

AUM ENGR 132 Kit

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    AUM ENGR 132 Kit

    AUM ENGR 132 Kit

    AUM ENGR 132 Kit

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product description

The Kit Includes:

Arduino UNO R3 Board1
USB Cable for Arduino UNO R31
Jumper wires Male to Male20
Jumper wires Male to Female20
Jumper wires Female to Female20
Resistor 100 Ohms20
LED Red10
LED Green10
LED Yellow10
Ultrasonic Sensor1
Potentiometer Slider   1
Battery 9V   3
Battery Holder   1
Bread board   1
9V Photo - Voltaic Cell   1
Light Sensor   1
DHT Temperature and Humidity Sensor   1
Voltage Regulator 7805   3
Stepper Motor   2
Stepper Motor Driver   2

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