CZUR Smart Scanner ET16

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    CZUR Smart Scanner ET16

    CZUR Smart Scanner ET16

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product description

CZUR is the world’s first true smart scanner. CZUR is also the fastest scanner in the world. It can scan books easily, connect to WiFi, and serve as a video projector. CZUR can be used in your home and office.

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Equipped with 16 million pixels and creative algorithms, CZUR can make scanning books as easy as turning pages. The most difficult problems of including the flattening curve, erasing fingerprints, and smart edge-cutting have been solved. CZUR is the highest cost-performance book scanner in the world.


Through powerful image processing and computing abilities, we have increased the scanning speed about 20 times faster when compared to the traditional scanner. Using CZUR, you can scan everything in the office, including files, contracts, vouchers, etc.


CZUR can help build your private digital library easily and quickly. There is no need to install drivers or software when using CZUR cloud. Your sketches, paintings, and notes can be scanned and stored in the CZUR cloud, allowing you to directly access files on your laptop, iPad, or smart phone.


CZUR is also a video presenter. By connecting to the screen through HDMI, materials can be presented with 1080P. CZUR greatly lowers the cost and increases the efficiency of meetings.



1.Q: What formats can be saved on the PC by CZUR scanner software?


2.Q: What is the size per one-page scanned and saved in PDF format?

A: The processed original image is 2M. The compression ratio can be preselected; if the compression ratio is 80%, the single processed image will be 500K.

3.Q: If using fingers to press the books when scanning, will the fingerprint be left in the scanned image?

A: CZUR scanner software will automatically identify and remove the fingerprint in the background.

4.Q: Does CZUR scanner software support OCR function to output editable documents?

A: Yes, CZUR scanner software supports OCR function using Abbyy technology.

5.Q: Can the slant be corrected by software? Can the shadow in the binding gap be erased?

A: Yes, CZUR scanner software will erase the shadow in the binding gap and correct the slant.

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