L298N Motor shield


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    L298N Motor shield

    L298N Motor shield

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product description

The L298N driver module makes use of the L298N chip of ST company, which can directly drive two 3-30V DC motor, and provides a 5V output interface. On the other hand, it can give the the 5V microcontroller circuit system powered, support 3.3VMCU control, and you can easily control the DC motor speed and direction, which can also control the 2-phase stepper motor, smart car essential.
Product parameters:
Driver chips: L298N dual H-bridge driver chip
2. Driven part of the terminal supply area VMS: +5 V ~ +35 V
3. Driven part of the peak current Io: 2A / Bridge
The logical part of the terminal supply area Vss :4.5-5 .5 V
Logical part of the operating current range: 0 ~ 36mA
Control signal input voltage range: high-level low-level 4.5-5.5V 0V
7 Maximum power consumption: 20W
8 Storage Temperature: -25 °C ~ +130 °C
9 Driver Board Size: 55mm * 60mm * 30mm
10 driver board Weight: 33g
11 Other features: control direction indicator, power indicator, the current detection logic inside part of the plate to take power interface.

This L298N driver module, use the ST's L298N chip, can direct drive two road 3-30 v dc motor, and provides a 5 v output interface, can give a 5 v power supply circuit system, support 3.3 VMCU control, easy to control dc motor speed and direction, and can also control two phase stepper motor, is a smart car essential.


The driver chip: double H bridge driver L298N chip

The driving part of the terminal power supply scope VMS: + 5 v ~ + 35 v

The driving part of the peak current Io: 2 a/bridge

The logical part Vss terminal power supply range: 4.5 to 5.5 V

The logical part of the working current range: 0 ~ 36 ma

Control signal input voltage range: 4.5 5.5 V low level high level 0 V

Maximum power consumption: 20 w

Storage temperature: 25 Deg C ~ + 130 Deg C

Drive plate size: 55 mm * 60 mm * 30 mm

Driver board weight: 33 g

Other functions: control the direction of light, the power indicator, current detection, logical part within plate for electrical interfaces.

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