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LMD18200 Motor control


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    LMD18200 Motor control

    LMD18200 Motor control

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product description

his is a new LMD18200 H Bridge DC & Stepper Motor Controller IC.
This is ideal for driving DC and stepper motors and allows output currents up to 3 amps, 55v.

DC and stepper motor drives
Position and velocity servomechanisms
Factory automation robots
Numerically controlled machinery
Computer printers and plotters

Delivers up to 3A continuous output
Operates at supply voltages up to 55V
Low RDS(ON) typically 0.3 OHM per switch
TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
No shoot-through current
Thermal warning flag output at 145 degrees C
Thermal shutdown (outputs off) at 170 degrees C
Internal clamp diodes
Shorted load protection
Internal charge pump with external bootstrap capability

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