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Rolling ball Tilt switch module


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KWD 1.000

Tilt switch module

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    Rolling ball Tilt switch module

    Rolling ball Tilt switch module

    Tilt switch module

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product description

A built-in 10 K Ohm resistor connected between the middle and ‘S’ pin is available for pull up or pull down use. The switch contacts connect to the two outer pins. Load switching max: 12VDC 50mA.

Example code

int Led = 13 ;// define LED Interface
int buttonpin = 3; // define the tilt switch sensor interfaces
int val ;// define numeric variables val
void setup ()
  pinMode (Led, OUTPUT) ;// define LED as output interface
    pinMode (buttonpin, INPUT) ;//define the output interface tilt switch sensor
void loop ()
  val = digitalRead (buttonpin) ;// digital interface will be assigned a value of 3 to read val
    if (val == HIGH) //When the tilt sensor detects a signal when the switch, LED flashes
    digitalWrite (Led, HIGH);
    digitalWrite (Led, LOW);

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