You can return the product you have purchased,within 14 days after receiving it,to “EVA Electronics Co. according to circumstances listed below:

It is obligatory to return promotional products at the same time if there is any issue with the product. Your refund will be processed once we receive your package and carry out the necessary checks.


  • The package and if there is any, standard accessories of a product should be included without any damage in the package that you are returning and the product should be in a position to sell again in the market (without any damage, dirt or being fixed).


The Process After Returning

  • Package, accessories of product should be returned in its original status.
  • The original invoice should be attached to the product that you send back.
  • If return process is approved, you get to refund in 5 days with method of payment you indicated in return form.




All products are guaranteed to work for first usage.

If you have any problem, please contact us on [email protected]