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HM-10 CC2541 CC2540 BLE 4.0 Bluetooth UART Transceiver Module Central

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    HM-10 CC2541 CC2540 BLE 4.0 Bluetooth UART Transceiver Module Central

    HM-10 CC2541 CC2540 BLE 4.0 Bluetooth UART Transceiver Module Central

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product description

Support Remote control mode, remote device can control PIO (pin or modify settings) by AT commander when connected.
Automatically enters transparent serial mode after device is paired and connected.
Armed with firmware V526 and it supports 8 ADC channels and one PMW channel.
Support Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS).
Ultra low standby power consumption 90uA-800uA,vast connection distance of 100 feet.
Super fast reaction rate of 0.4 seconds.
Support Serial Port
Support Android, Apple, PC, MAC.



Internal with logic level conversion circuit. No need external 5V level to turn into a 3.3V level,The power input port with anti-anti-circuit. To avoid accidental power plug reversed, leading to the module burned
HM-10, HM-11 series Bluetooth module using TI CC2540 chip, configuration 256Kb space, support,Pairing password and other parameters, convenient and flexible.
AT commands, you can change the role (master and slave mode) and the baud rate, the device name,
Transfer rate: Asynchronous: 6 kbps, Synchronous: 6 kbps
Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth Specification V4.0 BLE,USB Protocol: USB V2.0


Product Parameters 

Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth Specification V4.0 BLE 
USB Protocol: USB V2.0 
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band 
Modulation Mode: GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying) 
Transmitting Power: not more than 4dBm 
-84dBm at 0.1% BER 
Transmission Rate: Asynchronous: 6 kbps 
Synchronous: 6 kbps 
Security Feature: Authentication and encryption 
Support Service: Central & Peripheral UUID FFE0, FFE1 
Power Supply: +3.3VDC 50mA 
Operating Temperature: -5 ~ +65 Centigrade 
Physical Dimension: 27mm x 13mm x 2.2 mm. 

Industrial remote control, remote sensing 
POS system, and Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and joystick 
Automobile testing equipment 
Portable, battery-powered medical equipment 
Automation data acquisition 
Bluetooth remote control toys 
Wireless LED display system 
Bluetooth printer 
Smart Home and Industrial Control 


AT Commanders (new version V502)

AT (Test command)

AT+BAUD (Query/Set Baud rate)

AT+PARI (Query/Set parity)

AT+STOP (Query/Set stop bit)

AT+UART (Query/Set uart rate,parity, stop bit)

AT+PIO (Query/Set PIO pins status Long command)

AT+NAME (Query/Set device friendly name)

AT+PASS (Query/Set device password code)

AT+RENEW (Reset device settings)

AT+RESET (Restart device)

AT+ROLE (Query/Set device mode, Master or Slave)

AT+CLEAR (Clear remote device address if has)

AT+VERS? (Show software version information)

AT+HELP (Show help information)

AT+RADD (Query remote device address)

AT+LADD (Query self address)

AT+IMME (Query/Set Whether the device boot immediately)

AT+WORK (if device not working, start work, use with AT+IMME command)

AT+TCON (Query/Set Try to connect remote times)

AT+TYPE (Query/Set device work type, transceiver mode or remote mode)

AT+START (Switch remote control mode to transceiver mode)

AT+FILT (Query/Set device filter when device searching)

AT+COD (Query/Set Class of Device. eg: phone, headset etc.)

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