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custom 5MP for RASPBERRY PI 3/2/1 CAMERA Module


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    custom 5MP for RASPBERRY PI 3/2/1 CAMERA Module

    custom 5MP for RASPBERRY PI 3/2/1 CAMERA Module

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product description

Custom raspberries pie cameras, fully compatible with raspberry pie original camera.
Product is compatible with raspberry pie 3 generation, and the old version Pi2 / Pi1.
5 million pixels
Light-sensitive chips OV5647
Static image resolution is 2592 x 1944
Supports 1080 p30, 1080 p60 and 640 x 480 p60/90 video footage
Size: 25 mm x 24 mm x 9 mm


Camera lens:1/4 5M


Focal length:3.29

Field angle:72.4 degrees

Hardware connection:

1. soft line, 90 degree vertical connector, the one next to the HDMI. The contact point is facing the HDMI interface on one side of the connection.
2. tear off the protective film on the lens before use
3. bare board, pay attention to ESD damage, beware of static electricity!

Software use:
1. RPi firmware and raspi-config have been updated for the camera, please perform a apt-get update; apt-get upgrade;
In 2. raspi-config, select camera, start the camera driver in the RPi firmware, and restart
3. use the command line program raspivid and raspistill to operate the camera to capture video clips or images
4. captured video clips need to be played in Mplayer

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